5 Immunity-Boosting Ginger Recipes –

5 Immunity-Boosting Ginger Recipes –
5 Immunity-Boosting Ginger Recipes –

There’s a lot of science that backs up ginger’s spectacular resume:

  • it’s filled with antioxidants
  • it’s anti-inflammatory
  • ginger relieves nausea
  • ginger can defend towards most cancers
  • ginger bolsters cardiovascular well being

Our immune techniques want all the assistance they will get this fall, and though coronavirus is high of thoughts for everybody, we shouldn’t overlook the significance of constructing a eating regimen that guards us towards different ailments and diseases as effectively. Now, I’m not promising that these reci[es are going to turn you into an invulnerable super-person who never gets sick, but I can promise that these are easy and delicious ways to start getting more ginger into your diet so that you can benefit from its perks!

Apricot Ginger Salmon Nugget Bowl

Alright, I didn’t dig THAT far back for this one—it’s actually one of my newest recipes but it’s a GREAT quickie option if you’re a) looking for a super easy and tasty meal prep b) putting together a healthy meal for the family during the weeknight or c) trying to impress someone for date night. Ginger is definitely a main ingredient in this recipe but what you’re going to love most is the way that it works with the apricot to create a complex but delicious flavor profile.

Chicken & Eggplant Masala

This Indian-inspired chicken & eggplant masala recipe is one of my favs because, traditionally, masala takes a LONG time to make. But in this recipe, we find some clever ways to cut corners without sacrificing on taste and without compromising on the nutritional profile of the dish. Get ready for this one, it’s going to transform your entire home thanks to how amazingly fragrant this recipe is.

Madagascar Coconut Fish

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: this doesn’t strike you as a fall-appropriate recipe. But why not? Sure, soups and stews have a rightful place at the head of the table, but it’s a good idea to switch things up once in a while and work some white fish into your diet. And you know what? I bet you’re going to LOVE how comforting the coconut flavor is as the temperatures are dropping. Dream of island living while you put this one together!

salmon in coconut curry

Let’s keep the coconut train going. This is another curry dish that’s PACKED with vegetables as well as a very healthy dose of ginger—1 1/2 tablespoons. This plant-strong dish is incredibly hearty and guaranteed to keep you full throughout the day. Not a fan of salmon? No problem, this dish is super easy to customize and you can really use whatever protein you prefer! This is a fun recipe especially for those who haven’t tried cooking with ginger before, as it’s a great way to learn how ginger influences the overall flavor profile of a dish.

I thought twice about including this recipe in this list but ultimately decided it had a home here because a) it uses a healthy tablespoon of freshly-grated ginger and b) it’s low carb, which is important at this time of year. Especially as cold weather (and cold weather holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas) start to approach, many of us find ourselves loading gup on more carbs than usual. This recipe is a great way to hit the “reset” button and give our metabolisms a bit of a break.


I hope that you try at least one of these ginger-y recipes out! Make sure you hit me up on Instagram @fitmencook when you do because I want to know how it turns out!