Theoretically, oats are naturally gluten free. However they’re one of many prime cereals susceptible to cross contamination. Plus, some folks with celiac illness or that suffer from gluten sensitivity additionally react to avenin, a protein present in oats.

Oats are sometimes contaminated with gluten since they’re usually grown on the identical fields as and/or processed in the identical facility or on the identical gear as wheat, barley, and rye, that are the traditional gluten-containing grains.

Have you ever wondered, are oats gluten free? The short answer is "yes." But you might be surprised how many thoughts and feelings people have on the subject.

In a nutshell: Are oats gluten free?

Sure, pure, uncontaminated oats are gluten free. When you’re gluten free, although, you should buy solely licensed gluten free oats. That is as a result of oats are incessantly grown, harvested and processed alongside gluten, or with the identical gear or on the identical manufacturing strains as gluten containing grains. These processes lead simply to contamination with gluten.

That is why many individuals with celiac illness or who comply with a gluten free weight loss program typically appear to react badly to oats – as a result of they’re utilizing common oats contaminated with gluten.

Oats which can be grown on devoted fields and saved in devoted gluten-free silos might be labeled “Licensed Gluten Free” in america. Some celiacs are additionally delicate to oats, however they aren’t a gluten-containing grain when of their pure kind.

Are oats protected on a strict gluten free weight loss program?

Largely. Possibly.

Solely sure oats are deemed really protected for folks with celiac illness. For this reason it is so essential to solely purchase licensed gluten free oat merchandise which can be reliably segregated (like so-called purity protocol oats) and/or examined for contamination (like mechanically-separated oats).

Some folks, nevertheless, are delicate to oats—or at the least the protein in oats known as avenin. However the majority of individuals on a gluten free weight loss program can tolerate gluten-free licensed oats very nicely. And even if you cannot tolerate even strictly gluten free oats, that merely means you are additionally delicate to oats, not that they are gluten-containing.

It’s possible you’ll discover that there are those that insist that oats usually are not gluten free as a result of they’ve celiac illness and can’t tolerate oats. However that is simply their private expertise, and it is typically a secondary meals intolerance or sensitivity.

Creating gluten free oats

In america, oats can’t include gluten in a ration of greater than 20 elements per million to be considered gluten free. To place this one other away, there can’t be greater than 20 fragments of gluten for each 1 million fragments of oats. Put it this fashion, it appears plain: “common” oats are fairly often contaminated with gluten.

Nevertheless, this may occasionally really seem to be an unimaginable customary —20 elements per million seems like nothing! Sadly, in case you endure from celiac illness, that may be unacceptable.

So how is it that you just see gluten free oats on-line and in shops? There are tons of merchandise labeled gluten free. There are two strategies producers can use to qualify for this sort of labeling — one, if adopted completely, will lead to 100% gluten free oats.

Purity Protocol

The Purity Protocol consists of many steps throughout the manufacturing course of that have to be adopted to provide oats which can be really freed from gluten. As a result of these oats do not come into contact with wheat throughout all the manufacturing course of, from rising and harvesting to storage and processing, they’re the most certainly to be really gf and protected for folks with celiac illness.

Mechanical separation

Mechanical separation is a course of the place producers use machines to bodily take away gluten grains from harvested and processed oats.

If an organization commits to utilizing mechanical sorting, meaning it is not required to develop its oats in fields the place solely oats are grown or retailer the completed product in an surroundings that is freed from different gluten containing elements and merchandise. The danger of cross-contact and gluten contamination is sizable.

So, to return to the unique query: Is there gluten in oats? The reply is as soon as once more, “technically”, and now you see why.

Image of homemade quick oats in a lidded jar.

What manufacturers of oats are gluten free?

This listing of gluten free oat manufacturers is not exhaustive, and elements and practices change on a regular basis, so it is essential that you just verify for gluten free certification earlier than you buy. However listed here are among the hottest gluten free oat manufacturers:

  • Quaker Oats (mechanical separation and testing strategies used)
  • GF Bob’s Pink Mill (mixture of purity protocol and mechanical separation strategies used)
  • GF Harvest (purity protocol oats)
  • Zego (purity protocol oats)

Are Quaker Oats gluten free?

Sure and no. Most of Quaker’s merchandise usually are not licensed gluten free, as though the oats themselves are gf, they’re processed alongside gluten containing grains. Quaker would not use purity protocol oats, and as a substitute depends on mechanical separation, however does interact in vigorous testing.

They do promote a couple of merchandise which can be listed as gluten free, however they nonetheless use mechanical separation of their oats. These merchandise embody Quaker Oats Choose Begins Gluten Free Fast 1-minute oatmeal and several other forms of gluten free instantaneous oatmeal, together with authentic and maple and brown sugar.

Cross Contamination

As talked about, cross-contamination is an actual risk with oats, as a result of they’re so generally harvested and processed alongside gluten containing grains. Gluten contamination happens when wheat, barley, rye, triticale (a wheat-rye hybrid).

On this state of affairs, there is a sturdy probability that an unacceptably excessive share of gluten grains might be current within the remaining oat product, rendering it unsafe for folks with celiac illness or following a gluten free weight loss program.

Solely purchase merchandise from trusted manufacturers which can be labeled gluten free.

When are oats not gluten free?

Except for merchandise which were cross contaminated, many manufacturers add wheat elements in flavorings, to cease the product clumping, or to cut back prices and bulk out the merchandise.

At all times verify the label and solely purchase licensed gluten free merchandise.

Are breakfast cereals containing oats gluten free?

If a cereal containing oats is labeled gluten free, you recognize it is protected because it’s produced from uncontaminated oats. But when there is not any gf certification, then the cereal shouldn’t be thought-about gluten free, as there could also be hidden gluten from cross contamination, even when the ingredient listing seems clear. And bear in mind, some cereals could use wheat or different gluten grains of their merchandise.

Are entire grain oats gluten free?

Entire grain oats endure minimal processing. They are not chopped, floor, or in any other case refined, so that you would possibly assume they’ve a greater probability of being gluten free oats. Sadly, if they’re processed on the identical gear as wheat merchandise and/or grown or saved in blended fields and silos, they’re contaminated and will include gluten.

Do metal minimize oats have gluten?

Metal minimize oats are a sort of entire grain oat as a result of entire grain hasn’t been rolled. As an alternative, it has been chopped for a chewy texture. And once more, if it has been grown in wheat fields or processed in amenities that course of wheat, there’s the identical probability for cross contamination.

Are rolled oats gluten free?

Rolled oats have been processed to take away the husk. They’re additionally steamed and flattened so that they are softer and quicker to cook dinner. And except they’re produced utilizing the Purity Protocol, there’s an opportunity they’ve seen cross contact with gluten.

Are fast oats gluten free?

Fast oats are much like rolled oats in that they are processed. The distinction is that fast oats endure much more chopping, steaming, and flattening in order that they cook dinner in a short time. Due to all this additional dealing with, in the event that they’re processed in a shared facility or on shared gear with gluten-containing merchandise, they might be cross contaminated with gluten—except a producer follows the Purity Protocol.

Are natural oats gluten free?

To be thought-about natural, oats have to be grown with out using chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Being natural has nothing to do with be gf; it is not a requirement that these oats be grown on devoted fields or be processed utilizing devoted gear.

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Gluten free Recipes Utilizing Oats

Listed here are a couple of of my favourite recipes utilizing gluten free oats. Are oats gluten free? These actually are! And my household loves all of them. Granola bars, vitality bites, oatmeal cookies, no-flour muffins, all full of entire grains. I hope you may take pleasure in all of them!

I’ve lastly cracked the code to acceptable substitutes for oats in gluten free baking, so you may take pleasure in all of the recipes beneath, with the correct substitution, even if you cannot have even strictly gluten free oats! Various kinds of oat-based recipes name for various substitutes, however I clarify all of it (plus an evidence of why in every occasion).

Gluten free oatmeal cookies

This easy recipe for thick and chewy gluten free oatmeal cookies is crispy across the edges, gentle and chewy the remainder of the best way by way of. In different phrases, good.  

Take a look at this recipe

Gluten free oatmeal cookies
Chewy home made gluten free granola bars

This chewy home made granola bar recipe is endlessly customizable with completely different mix-ins and nuts. Excellent for college (or work) lunchboxes!

Take a look at this recipe

Wholesome blueberry muffins with oat flour

Wholesome blueberry muffins, made with applesauce, yogurt, oats and large, lovely recent blueberries (or frozen!) and no added fats or refined sugars. The entire style and texture, not one of the guilt!

Take a look at this recipe

Healthy blueberry muffins with oat flour
Maple almond gluten free granola recipe

My favourite maple almond gluten free granola recipe, made with loads of good olive oil, uncooked almonds, pumpkin and hemp seeds, coconut, maple syrup and oats. Make it your individual, along with your favourite nuts and seeds.

Take a look at this recipe

Maple almond gluten free granola recipe
Gluten free in a single day oats

Gluten free in a single day oats are made with simply rolled oats, some seeds and any form of milk, and take lower than 5 minutes of prep time. A quick, nutritious and filling breakfast, with infinite taste variations!

Take a look at this recipe

Gluten free overnight oats
No bake oatmeal fudge cookies

No bake fudge cookies are the traditional no bake cookie you bear in mind, made with or with out peanut butter—even with or with out oats. Naturally gluten free both manner! 

Take a look at this recipe

No bake gluten free vitality bites

These no bake gluten free vitality bites are scrumptious, satisfying and really easy to make. They value about 20¢ every to make—and may cost a little you about $1.79 every to purchase (no joke).

Take a look at this recipe

No bake gluten free energy bites
Banana oatmeal muffins

Tremendous wholesome banana oatmeal muffins are naturally gluten free and so easy to make. They freeze rather well, too, so make a double batch!

Take a look at this recipe

Simple gluten free oatmeal muffins

These wholesome oatmeal muffins have little or no added sugar and loads of entire grains. Naturally gluten free, and child authorised!

Take a look at this recipe

Selfmade protein bars

These home made protein bars aren’t any bake, endlessly customizable vitality bars. Similar to Luna and Energy bars, and made along with your favourite protein powder.

Take a look at this recipe

Homemade protein bars
My favorite gluten free granola recipe, made with plenty of good olive oil, raw almonds, pumpkin and hemp seeds, coconut, maple syrup and oats. Make it your own, with your favorite nuts and seeds!
Maple almond gluten free granola.


Is oat flour gluten free?

Constituted of pure oats, oat flour is of course gluten free. However as with all different oats, its gluten free standing is dependent upon the manufacturing facility and manufacturing course of. Solely merchandise labeled gluten free are really protected for these with gluten sensitivity or celiac illness.

Is oatmeal gluten free?

If produced from pure oats and authorized gluten free, oatmeal is appropriate for gluten free diets. However, as with all oat merchandise, it is necessary you purchase from a trusted supply of uncontaminated oats. Be certain that the oatmeal you wish to buy has a gluten free label.

Is oat flour the identical as gluten free flour?

Sure and no. If licensed gluten free, oat flour is a whole-grain gluten free flour. Nevertheless it would not behave like wheat flour. As an alternative, as you may see for a lot of of my recipes, I like to make use of an all function gluten free flour mix. Though oat flour could be very helpful for particular recipes, like these straightforward oat flour chocolate chip cookies. And I may even present you find out how to make your individual oat flour.

Is oat milk gluten free?

Oat milk is of course gluten free, nevertheless it may’ve confronted cross contamination throughout manufacturing. So, even for oat milk, you may wish to verify for a gluten free label. Discover out extra about oat milk and gluten free suitability right here.