Does Marijuana Have an effect on Weight Achieve or Bone Density? 

Are the obvious adversarial results of heavy hashish use on the bone simply resulting from customers being thinner? 

It’s been recognized for many years that cigarette smoking can have “a significant impact” on bone well being, “growing the lifetime danger of hip fracture by about half.” It additionally seems to impair bone therapeutic, a lot in order that surgeons ask if they need to discriminate in opposition to people who smoke as a result of their bone and wound-healing complication charges are so excessive. What about smoking marijuana?

As I focus on in my video Results of Marijuana on Weight Achieve and Bone Density, “There’s accumulating proof to suggest that cannabinoids [cannabis compounds] and their receptors play vital roles in bone metabolism by regulating bone mass, bone loss, and bone cell perform.” Okay, however are they “pal or foe?” 

“Outcomes from analysis on cannabinoids and bone mineral density in rodent fashions have been inconsistent. Some research present elevated bone formation, others have demonstrated accelerated bone loss, and but others have proven no affiliation. This variation in outcomes could also be due [in part] to variations within the mouse pressure, intercourse, age…” When you can’t even extrapolate from one mouse to a different, how will you extrapolate from mice to human beings?

What for those who simply measure hashish use and bone mineral density in folks? Researchers examined 1000’s of adults and requested them about their hashish use. There didn’t look like any hyperlink between the 2, which is a aid. Nonetheless, on this examine, “heavy” hashish use was outlined as simply 5 or extra days of use within the earlier 30 days. The researchers didn’t ask past that, so, theoretically, somebody who smoked simply 5 joints of their complete life could possibly be categorized as a “heavy person” in the event that they occurred to make use of it 5 occasions within the final 4 weeks.

How about hashish use on 5,000 separate events over a lifetime? Now that’s a heavy person—a long time of standard use. In that case, heavy use was “associated with low bone mineral density and an elevated danger of fractures”—about double the fracture price presumably resulting from decrease bone density within the hip and backbone, though heavy hashish customers have been additionally thinner on common, and thinner folks have lighter bones.

Hip fracture danger goes down as our weight goes up. Almost half of underweight ladies have osteoporosis, however lower than 1 % of overweight ladies do, which makes whole sense. Being overweight forces our physique to make our bones stronger to hold round all of that additional weight. That’s why weight-bearing train is so vital to consistently put stress on our skeleton. In terms of our bones, it’s use it or lose it. That’s why astronauts can lose a % of their bone mass each month in “long-duration spaceflight.” Their our bodies aren’t silly. Why waste all that power making a powerful skeleton for those who aren’t going to place any weight on it? 

So, perhaps the explanation heavy hashish customers have frailer bones is as a result of they are usually about 15 kilos lighter. Wait a second. Marijuana customers are slimmer? What concerning the munchies? “The decrease BMI that was noticed in heavy hashish customers at first sight appears counterintuitive,” given marijuana’s urge for food stimulation, however this isn’t the primary time this has been famous. 

“Well-liked tradition generally depicts marijuana customers as a sluggish, torpid, and unproductive subculture of compulsive snackers,” and marijuana has certainly been found to extend meals consumption. A single hit can enhance urge for food, so that you’d anticipate weight problems charges to rise in states that legalized it. However, if something, the rise in weight problems appeared to sluggish after medical marijuana legal guidelines have been handed, whereas it appeared to only hold rising in different states, as you’ll be able to see within the graph under and at 3:45 in my video

The rationale pot people who smoke could be slimmer is due to the impact of smoked marijuana on metabolism. We’ve recognized for greater than practically 40 years that inside quarter-hour of lighting up, our metabolic price goes up by about 25 % and stays there for at the least an hour, as you’ll be able to see under and at 4:04 in my video. So, that could be taking part in a task. 

Is that why heavy hashish use is associated with decrease bone mineral density and elevated danger of fractures? As a result of customers simply aren’t as obese? No. Even when taking BMI under consideration, heavy hashish use seems to be “an unbiased predictor” of weaker bones.

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