How Ingredient Optimized (io) Improves Protein Powder

How Ingredient Optimized (io) Improves Protein Powder
How Ingredient Optimized (io) Improves Protein Powder

In December of 2022, Ingredient Optimized (io) introduced a partnership with Austin, TX complement contract producer Nutrabound Labs to deliver their new ioCollagen™ expertise to the market.[1] Nutrabound’s management despatched us the next video if io Know-how in motion, allowing us to share it on social media:

It’s been some time since we’ve lined this patented expertise,[2,3] which can be out there as ioWhey®, ioPea™ , and ioBCAA™, so this provides us an opportunity to recap its advantages and clarify the way it will enhance collagen dietary supplements. Briefly, ioProtein Know-how makes use of pure atmospheric plasma remedy to enhance the powder’s solubility and amino acid bioavailability, and is backed by 10 clinical-research research.

This text will cowl io’s analysis intimately, however first, let’s talk about the joy concerning ioCollagen particularly:

ioCollagen: Making Collagen Protein All it Can Be


Supercharge your collagen with ioCollagen

Most trade followers have seen the dramatic rise of collagen dietary supplements the previous few years,[4] however not everybody understands its pitfalls. Briefly, it has an amino acid profile heavy in three amino acids – glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline[5] – that are nice for connective tissue and collagen synthesis,[6] however not as nice for muscle protein synthesis.[6,7]

It’s essential for manufacturers to market these proteins correctly, however they will additionally take a step to be certain that the collagen is absorbed in addition to potential. That’s the place io Know-how like ioCollagen is available in. The patented expertise already has analysis demonstrating 3-5 occasions larger will increase in blood ranges of important amino acids, branched chain amino acids, and leucine when used on whey, pea, and BCAAs than unaltered protein controls.

With fewer of those amino acids in collagen, it’s vital to get each final bit out of them. We talk about how io does this under, however first, be certain to join our alerts so that you simply get notified when there’s additional information and analysis launched:

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Who’s Ingredient Optimized?

Ingredient Optimized Logo

io Know-how makes protein extra bioavailable

Ingredient Optimized is a biotechnology firm centered on bettering the standard of protein and total diet. With their Ingredient Optimized (io) Protein Know-how, backed by scientific analysis and scientific trials, they’re capable of enhance proteins to ship superior absorption, maximized efficiency, lowered abdomen discomfort, and enhanced taste profile.

What’s io Know-how?

That is the place it will get enjoyable. Io’s Protein Know-how is a pure atmospheric plasma remedy for protein powder. Which means that the protein is run via Ingredient Optimized’s specialised remedy machine that shifts the protein molecules and amino acids into an improved place, enhancing their traits. In contrast to different processing strategies, io doesn’t use any chemical compounds or enzymes to alter the protein’s construction.

Introducing structural modifications to enhance floor space

As a substitute, this chilly atmospheric remedy introduces structural modifications that higher expose the protein’s peptide binding websites.[8] By shifting the association of the molecules, it will increase the protein’s floor space,[8] which improves the solubility and dispersibility of the protein powder[9] (it’s identified that floor space impacts traits like solubility, dispersibility, wettability, and sinkability[10]).

Finally, that results in larger total bioavailability: With the peptide binding websites higher uncovered, our physique’s digestive system can cleave them extra simply, resulting in improved amino acid uptake (as measured within the physique’s plasma) after consumption.[11,12] Analysis has proven that such a processing extra simply allows our digestive enzymes to connect to the molecules,[13] bettering digestion and lowering GI discomfort.

ioWhey Proteins

ioWhey Proteins. Picture courtesy Ingredient Optimized

Whereas different amino acid absorption applied sciences use acid remedy or enzymatic pre-digestion processes, io Know-how makes use of plasma floor modification,[14] and extra elements aren’t required.

Improved mixability with water: scale back the necessity for lecithin

As an added bonus, these structural modifications assist protein powder combine higher with water.[9,15,16] This kind of expertise can be utilized in lecithins to enhance protein dispersion,[10] so it’s potential that ioProtein would require much less (or zero) use of lecithin!

io Know-how on Show: Analysis on ioWhey and ioPea

Using io Know-how allows manufacturers and producers to realize extra with much less — presumably as much as 25% real-world enchancment, as proven by the information under:

  • ioWhey

    ioWhey Logo

    ioWhey is a extra bioavailable type of whey protein that’s been proven to outperform whey protein isolate and hydrolyzed whey protein isolate.

    ioWhey is the usage of the aforementioned ioProtein Know-how on any whey protein. We’ve already mentioned how this expertise shifts as much as a 12.77% distinction in whey protein molecules,[13] however what does that imply for the shopper?

    • Analysis Examine: Crossover design on wholesome younger males

      Researchers set to determine this out in a examine printed in 2019, the place they recruited 12 wholesome males ages 19 via 32 for a randomized, crossover design.[11]

      They gave the contributors both 29.6 grams of whey protein isolate (WPI) or 29.6 grams of io-treated whey protein isolate (WPI + io). They examined the contributors’ plasma for EAA and BCAA at pre-consumption and 30, 60, 90, 120, and 180 minutes submit consumption.[11] After a six day washout, they examined it once more, however crossed the teams over.

      The info collected is kind of astonishing:

      ioWhey Plasma Amino Acids

      ioWhey Protein led to considerably larger plasma amino acid uptake in comparison with common whey![11]

      With ioWhey, the whole space underneath the curve for plasma EAA, BCAA, and leucine was considerably larger by 55.2%, 52.6%, and 50.8% respectively! 55% larger EAA whole uptake from one scoop![11]


      ioProtein Technology: SuperCharged Protein

      EAA and BCAA concentrations had been considerably elevated at 30, 60, 90, and 120 minutes submit — two hours whole — in comparison with the non-treated whey isolate. Even at three hours post-ingestion, there’s now not statistical significance, however the plasma amino acids are nonetheless elevated.[11]

      You can too see that the utmost ranges had been larger within the WPI + io group (similar to 29.6% larger for leucine), and lasted for much longer. The usual whey protein isolate shake led to plasma amino acid peaks at half-hour — we usually understand that WPI is quick. Nevertheless, with io-treated WPI, the height lasts via 60 minutes![11]

      This offers customers extra time to make the most of these amino acids, and extra time to make it house post-workout and cook dinner their protein-based meal.

    • Analysis examine: improved physique composition and energy beneficial properties in 8 weeks

      One other examine on wholesome younger women and men examined 8 weeks of whey protein isolate with ioProtein Know-how in opposition to a normal, non-treated whey protein isolate.[17] Researchers cut up 20 adults aged 18 to 37 in two teams, giving them every 28 grams of protein per day. They had been informed to keep up their food plan however discontinue the usage of different dietary supplements.

      ioWhey Lean Mass and Bench Press

      Physique composition and energy: ioWhey led to larger will increase in lean mass and bench press[17]

      After 8 weeks, the researchers discovered that the ioProtein group had vital enhancements in fat-free mass in comparison with the management group taking non-treated whey isolate. The ioProtein group additionally had considerably larger will increase to bench press, squat, and restoration time.[17]

      The ioProtein group reported much less abdomen discomfort as nicely![17]

    There’s extra to the whey story although — the examine involving ioPea offers us much more data:

  • ioPea

    ioPea Logo

    Pea protein, optimized. ioPea has essentially the most vital enhancements in comparison with its controls.

    A 12 months later, an identical examine was printed, this time involving many new challenges:[12]

    1. Plasma-treated pea protein vs. untreated hydrolyzed whey protein isolate
    2. Customary pea protein vs plasma-treated pea protein
    3. Untreated hydrolyzed whey protein isolate vs plasma handled non-hydrolyzed whey protein isolate
    4. Customary BCAAs vs Plasma-treated BCAAs

    The fourth one is attention-grabbing – we’re going to see ioPea go head-to-head in opposition to an especially high-quality type of whey protein isolate!

    This examine used two units of males — 10 contributors for every cohort — common ages of their mid-20s. 7-day washouts had been used throughout teams.

    We break this examine down intimately under, however right here’s a fast look in a single picture:

    ioPea vs. Whey Protein vs. Pea Protein

    This examine reveals the efficacy of ioPea vs. Whey Protein vs. Pea Protein[12]

    1. Untreated Hydrolyzed Whey Isolate vs. ioPea

      Within the chart under, ioPea labored so successfully that there was no vital distinction from hydrolyzed whey isolate![12]

      ioPea vs. Untreated Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate

      io Know-how is so highly effective that it makes ioPea work simply in addition to untreated hydrolyzed whey protein isolate![12]

      As most know, hydrolyzed whey protein isolate works very rapidly. However as soon as once more, we see io expertise resulting in long-lasting amino acid uptake.[12]

      All in all, there’s no statistical significance within the whole space underneath the curve — ioPea can tackle a premier type of whey protein isolate!

    2. ioPea vs. Customary Pea Protein

      However would commonplace pea protein have been capable of maintain a candle to hydrolyzed whey isolate? How a lot better is ioPea than common pea protein?

      It seems… a lot higher:

      ioPea vs. Pea Protein

      ioPea vs. untreated pea protein[12]

      Put merely, ioPea beats the pants off of pea protein.

      ioPea results in considerably larger whole plasma EAA elevation, and is considerably higher than pea protein on the 30, 60, and 120 minute marks as nicely.[12] In the meantime, plasma BCAA ranges are considerably larger at actually each post-ingestion time measurement.

      You’ll additionally discover that pea protein isn’t sufficient to maintain a 4 hour quick — plasma EAA and BCAA ranges dropped under baseline in the event you don’t hold consuming!

      This one was a slam dunk.

    3. Plasma handled non-hydrolyzed whey protein isolate vs. commonplace hydrolyzed whey protein isolate

      Let’s get again to whey protein. Within the above part, we’ve already mentioned how io Know-how boosts whey protein isolate.[11] However can io take a non-hydrolyzed whey protein isolate to job with an untreated hydrolyzed whey protein isolate?

      The reply is completely:

      ioWhey Protein Isolate vs. Untreated Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate

      ioWhey Protein Isolate vs. Untreated Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate[12]

      Right here, we’ve got considerably larger whole plasma EAA and BCAA measurements in ioWhey whey protein isolate in comparison with commonplace hydrolyzed whey isolate, with further significance on the 30, 60, and 120 minute marks.[12]

      As soon as once more, we see io expertise last more — the drop-off at 60 minutes is negligible, whereas non-treated hydrolyzed whey isolate has already begun its first rate at the moment. That is one other marker of statistical significance.

      Hydrolyzed proteins are costly — however with ioWhey expertise, they’re not crucial to the overwhelming majority of dieters!

    4. Plasma handled BCAA versus commonplace BCAA

      Lastly, let’s have a look at the BCAAs themselves. A query right here is to find whether or not io Know-how solely works with peptide-bound proteins (utilized in the entire above protocols) or if it could work with free-form amino acids as nicely.

      The reply is plainly seen under:

      Plasma treated BCAA versus standard BCAA

      Plasma handled BCAA versus commonplace BCAA[12]

      Right here, BCAA elevations (which embody the mTOR boosting powerhouse, leucine) are considerably elevated at 30, 60, and 120 minutes, in addition to total as measured by whole space underneath the curve.[12]

      The examine additionally reveals a desk, the place we will see that plasma leucine is almost doubled at half-hour, and tripled at 60 minutes![12]

      Though the marketplace for free-form amino acids has moved from standalone BCAAs to full EAA formulation, the science will nonetheless stand – io Know-how clearly works on free-form aminos!

    This examine verifies a lot of the information from the above trial, but in addition provides much more data – embody full and whole domination for ioPea and ioBCAA.

  • ioBCAA

    ioBCAA Logo

    ioBCAA can enhance the amino acid uptake of your BCAA powders

    ioBCAA is the usage of io Know-how on branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). When you skipped right down to this space, scroll again up – the above part demonstrates how highly effective io Know-how is, even with free-form amino acids.

    Many complement formulators have moved to full important amino acid (EAA) formulation, however there’s no purpose why this expertise wouldn’t work there as nicely. We might not have information for the opposite six important aminos, however we do have information for the three BCAAs, and it’s convincing. There’s no purpose to imagine that the opposite amino acids wouldn’t even have comparable bumps.

    When growing a brand new EAA complement, formulators can decide to run io Know-how on simply the BCAAs, however we’d apply it to every thing.

  • ioCollagen

    This brings us to ioCollagen. Though there’s presently no printed information on such a protein, each kind of protein and amino acid examined has been improved by io Know-how. We have now very strong grounds to imagine that it’ll work on the amino acids inside collagen as nicely.

    Simply word, nevertheless, that collagen’s amino acid profile could be very excessive in glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline,[5] but low within the BCAAs.[18] We’re very assured that all amino acids will likely be considerably elevated with ioCollagen in comparison with controls. Nevertheless, we doubt that there’s sufficient BCAA content material in collagen to deliver ioCollagen’s BCAA uptake to the extent of whey or pea protein. That’s okay, as long as it’s marketed correctly.

    Nutrabound Labs

    Nutrabound Labs can now course of ioCollagen, powered by io Know-how!

    The purpose with ioCollagen is that much less can result in extra. For instance, many collagen protein purposes contain espresso creamer, the place including 20 grams is kind of cumbersome. But when we will get comparable results from 10 grams of ioCollagen, which does usually combine nicely right into a medium sized cup of espresso (by no means too sizzling), then it turns into an ideal utility.

    Plus, the floor space enhancements from the io Know-how will result in higher mixability and fewer filler use required – a win in each circumstances.

    There are lots of different purposes for collagen — this is only one. It could be attention-grabbing to see it used on bone broth powders and gelatin, the latter of which might make for a novel kind of gelatin dessert.

Merchandise utilizing io

Conclusion: io Know-how brings vital wins

It’s not stunning that Nutrabound Labs introduced io Know-how, the sponsor of this text, to their Texas manufacturing facility. After wanting on the amino acid uptake information, the information is extraordinarily convincing. Plainly something with amino acids in it would stand to realize from Ingredient Optimized.

We not too long ago wrote that one of many main traits famous at SupplySide West 2022 was doing extra with much less. Plasma-treated protein positively matches inside that description, as we’re seeing firms get the identical outcomes from 25% much less protein.

Though we primarily deal with improved amino acid uptake on this article, it’s additionally essential to re-emphasize the enhancements to solubility, dispersibility, and in the end style because of the molecular shift.

The following query is how manufacturers will use this platform to formulate extra distinctive dietary supplements with it. You probably have any good concepts, contact your favourite model, get in contact with Ingredient Optimized, or schedule a session with NutraBound Labs.

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