Most physique composition researchers and consultants agree on the next:

  1. Most guys can achieve 15-to-25 kilos of muscle of their first 12 months of correct energy coaching (and girls ought to lower these numbers in half).
  2. Most individuals can achieve about half as a lot muscle in 12 months two than in 12 months one.
  3. Most individuals can achieve about half as a lot muscle in 12 months three than in 12 months two.

Opinions diverge on what occurs subsequent, although. 

Some authorities declare that muscle development turns into vanishingly small after four-to-five years of correct energy coaching and finally involves a standstill. Others disagree and say that though muscle development slows down significantly with every successive 12 months of coaching, it by no means stalls altogether (“there’s at all times one other pound to be gained”).

The reality is someplace within the center. 

It’s past dispute that the speed of muscle achieve decreases as coaching expertise will increase till it’s a fraction of what it was in 12 months one, however there’s no scientific proof that the nadir is at all times zero kilos per 12 months. 

That stated, we do know that the majority pure bodybuilders and athletes attain a degree the place progress is so gradual it’s nearly not possible to see or measure and thus would possibly as nicely be zero.

This phenomenon might be attributable to a genetic or physiological ceiling on muscle development, however it is also principally a perform of the sensible limits of coaching quantity and depth. That’s, whereas a extremely educated man or gal would possibly technically have the ability to achieve extra muscle or energy, the coaching rigors required to attain it may be an excessive amount of for his or her physique to deal with. Particularly as they grow old.

So, I like to consider our absolute potential for muscle achieve as an asymptote—a degree we’re regularly transferring towards however by no means fairly attain, like flawless verbal fluency or an ideal golf swing. 

And that implies that whereas most of us can’t achieve a substantial quantity of muscle after our first few years of correct energy coaching, we will nonetheless proceed to make some progress for the approaching years and probably even a long time.