Is Intermittent Fasting Good for Ladies with Thyroid Illness?

Is intermittent fasting good for ladies with thyroid illness? It’s a query I get on a regular basis from purchasers and curious followers. So let’s focus on!

Is Intermittent Fasting Good for Women with Thyroid Disease?

Let’s begin out with clarifying what precisely is intermittent fasting:

The time period is thrown round within the well being discipline loads nowadays. Intermittent fasting is a well-liked observe, however we must always take the time to make clear what intermittent fasting truly can seem like. As a result of completely different individuals do it in numerous methods!

Whereas the technical timelines can differ barely, the overall thought of intermittent fasting is to go an extended time frame with out consuming meals and to shorten the “consuming window” through which you’re allowed to eat meals. 

This could look other ways:

  • The 14:10 – That is whenever you quick for 14 hours and eat throughout a 10-hour window. Sometimes, it means you’ll be pushing breakfast again a couple of hours after waking. 
  • The 16:8 – That is whenever you quick for 16 hours and eat throughout an 8-hour window. Sometimes, it means you’ll be pushing breakfast again a number of hours after waking.
  • Fasting Mimicking, or the 5:2 – That is when energy are restricted to 500 energy per day for 2 days every week. The opposite 5 days you’ll eat as regular. 
  • Eat-Cease-Eat – This methodology requires a 24-hour quick throughout two full days of the week. Today are to not be consecutive. 
  • Alternate Day Fasting – This methodology is whenever you comply with a fasting protocol, however you don’t do it on daily basis.
  • One Meal a Day – This methodology permits for one massive meal a day or a really brief consuming window of 4 hours or much less.

Clearly, there are various varieties of methods intermittent fasting could be carried out, however the basic thought is to lower the consuming window and enhance the window through which you aren’t consuming any diet. 

Why do I recommend NOT intermittent fasting, particularly when you’ve got thyroid illness?

Whereas many males do effectively practising intermittent fasting, you could be shocked to know I’m not a fan of intermittent fasting for ladies. After seeing its results on numerous girls via my observe, I can not suggest it. 

Why? Properly, for a number of causes…

Many of the analysis displaying the advantages of intermittent fasting has been carried out on male topics. There is no such thing as a dependable, large scale proof displaying a major profit for females:

Overwhelmingly, the research that present any advantages of intermittent fasting have been carried out on majority male topics. Analysis is sorely missing with regards to feminine response to intermittent fasting. Actually, only 13 individual women were included at all out of seventy-one studies found in Harvard’s database for intermittent fasting. 

Moreover, no managed research on intermittent fasting have been carried out on the feminine inhabitants. What does this imply? There aren’t any dependable research that permit us to attract conclusions and legitimate analysis about how intermittent fasting impacts females.

Intermittent fasting can result in elevated cortisol, decreased intercourse hormones and hormonal imbalance in girls:

Intermittent fasting, notably for ladies, could be perceived by the physique as a stressor. Perceived stress due to intermittent fasting can lead to increased cortisol at baseline, which may create a cascade impact of hormonal imbalance.

Moreover, the feminine reproductive system may be very delicate to emphasize, way more so than males. Throughout fasting the hypothalamus in women may actually turn down the production of sex hormones – particularly GnRH, which stimulates the release of FSH and LH – as the body perceives the lack of nutrient intake as stress.

Intermittent fasting can result in impaired glucose response in girls:

A examine in Obesity Society discovered that ladies with a wholesome physique weight who tried alternate day intermittent fasting started to current with impaired glucose response. 

We already established that intermittent fasting can result in hormonal imbalances in girls. The truth that it may additionally result in impaired glucose response is unsurprising, given the robust tie between hormonal dysregulation and blood glucose dysregulation. 

What do I recommend as an alternative choice to intermittent fasting?

Whereas I don’t recommend a rigorous fasting schedule, I’m a proponent of a pure “quick” that’s in sync with the physique’s pure circadian rhythm. 

What does this seem like?

I recommend ceasing to eat after dinner till breakfast time (about 12 hours) as your pure “quick.”. And I strongly recommend consuming breakfast inside one hour of waking. This pure 12-hour “quick” between dinner and breakfast works with the physique’s pure eating-waking-sleeping rhythms to advertise hormonal stability, correct detoxing, good blood sugar regulation, and restoration in addition to different optimistic well being advantages. 

Extra Sources for You:

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  • Lastly, in case you discover you’re fighting starvation between meals or after dinner, it’s potential you’re undereating. I see this loads with girls in my observe! Paradoxically, limiting energy at meals after which grazing and snacking all through the day not solely isn’t your best option for our hormonal stability, it additionally hinders weight reduction. Ensure you’re consuming wholesome and sufficient meals at every meal. Learn this to get began – What’s a Nutrient-Dense Weight loss plan?


Whether or not you have an interest in intermittent fasting for weight reduction, excessive blood sugar, anti-aging advantages or the rest, please do not forget that all of this stuff are most successfully attained and maintained via stress discount, a nutrient-dense eating regimen, mild motion and day by day detoxing. 

I hope this helps you assess your consuming practices and make the very best choice for a sustainably wholesome future!